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wunderdogs would like to thank all our woofingly wunderful clients for being part of the wunderdogs family for 2017.
As we get into the festive mood, one very important announcement is due - the 2018 Student Body.
The wunder-people agonised for weeks, even months as to who made the list with every student being exemplary. The hard task is now done with each position filled. The chosen students will lead the year by example, showing their peers good manners, steady behavior and a whole lot of fun...

Congratulations Doggies



PREFECTS:vAxle, Flynn, Miss Murphy, Vincent, Wally & Ziggy



Drum Roll Please...

The glamorous pooches of the wunderdogs community have reached the end finale
of the 7th prestigious Next Top Model competition.
Parents and pooches brace yourselves and hold onto your hats because the winner is here... Over 200 contestants whittled down to the top nine showed us just what it takes to be a 'super-pooch'. Style and poise are the key makings of any Next Top Model and this years’ winner has certainly stolen our hearts.



First, Second, Third
Congratulations to the Second Place Winner - Storm and Third Place Winner Rocco.  This was such a tightly held competition with the top spot changing throughout the voting period. Well done to all campaign managers, a 'winners' rosette is waiting for the top three dogs in the wunderdogs boutique.

Milo Schnoodle 236
Storm 193
Rocco 175
Miss Murphy 123
Argent 121
Vincent 77
Axle 61
Archie 52
Gertie 51


To celebrate all this 'greatness' we thought we would do things a little differently, and by different - we mean bigger and better. So, as with all things wunderdogs, the team took great pleasure in whisking the top nine Next Top Model contestants away on a very special glamorous photoshoot. The result is this stunning ‘sub-cover'. Congratulations to all nine super models.

the victor's spoils...
The top three contestants will be awarded a Satin place winners Rosette Ribbon (Winner/Runner Up/First Runner Up) as a momento of their success. The winner will be whisked away for an exclusive Vanity Fur Magazine
cover shoot to grace the shop walls and greet everyone as they enter, alongside the six previous winners. Their cover will be posted on wunderdogs face book page and website to be immortalised on the
world wide web furever more.




Previous VANITY FUR Centrefolds


2017 Student Body Announced 

With another great class of students this year, the final decisions for the leaders of 2017 have been made very consciously. The Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017 are long standing students who have proven to be responsible, obedient, enthusiastic and respectful over the past year. And are sure they will be fine leaders.
As all-rounders with strong character and prowess on the playground they are well positioned to lead their Prefects in guiding the class of 2017 through school life.

Congratulations to
Head Boy: Sam ... Head Girl: Mia ... Dux: Kali

The Prefects will act in a supporting role and possess similar qualities. Each Prefect is smart, sensitive, obedient and all display a level of individuality and enthusiasm for school. They will also be responsible for teaching the new kids the school rules, maintaining order on the playground, leading by example and instigating play. It goes without saying that these pups are totally loyal and fiercely proud of their school.  We are sure they will do their utmost to maintain the high profile and reputation of wunderdogs.

Congratulations to our 2017 Prefects
Archie, Archie, Asher, Ben, Lola, Scooter


The Tutors are another group of leaders to support the Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects in specialist areas that we have developed into clubs. These dogs have proven to excel in their specialty and are well placed to guide new students into one of these groups.

Congratulations to our 2017 Club Tutors

Tiny Tots: Freddie ... Bossy Tots: Denzel
Mighty Middies: Hendrix ... Cheerleaders: Bella
Public Speakers: Pedro ... Hall Monitors: Woody

Previous High Achievers

The Wunderdogs
2016 Next Top Model is…

This year the competition was immense, so many gorgeous dogs, and so many committed campaign managers dedicated to getting votes.
The leader board changed daily which created a thrilling competition, but there could only be one winner… well done to Hudson and his family for their dedication, that push of votes in the last days secured the title.

Congratulations to Bruno who throughout the competition was a strong contender - a very close second place. Third place goes to Buddy, well done.

Hudson 180 votes
Bruno 168 votes
Buddy 97 votes

Previous VANITY FUR COVER winners


the BIG Question...

how do I get my pooches picture in the window?

Wunderdogs has one BIG photography session each year during the month of JUNE,
so all you need to do is bring your dog to daycare and your pooch will get their very
own personalised photo taken to commemorate their schooling achievements.

Just like Milo Crunchitino is modelling here.

Each year is a different theme and these stunning commemorative photos are now ready for purchase. Support your school and show off your dogs poochy perfect portrait.

Congratulations to all contestants for wunderdogs Next Top Model 2016 competition.
Click here to view all the stunning contestants.










Previous High Achievers





Tele-paw-ting now
for NY Selfies…

All dogs that came in to wunderdogs during October have been tele-paw-ted
to Times Square, NY and captured themselves in this selfie image as modelled
by Milo Crunchitino.

All ‘Selfies’ will be on display in the shop window from
mid-November 2014 - March 2015. You will also be able to purchase copies by
pre-ordering during November. They will make super cute inclusions with your Christmas cards to friends and family, who know how much you all love your pooches.







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Thank you for your understanding.




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